Customers & Sales
Create a Customer
Customers must be created
before sales can be made.
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Create a Sales Order
The sales order is the
precursor to the invoice.
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Create an Invoice
Invoices are actual sales
Maintain Customers
Customer records can be
viewed, edited and deleted.
Maintain Sales Orders
Sales orders can be viewed,
edited, and deleted.
Maintain Invoices
Invoices can be viewed
and deleted.
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Add Sales Tax Rate
Sales tax can be recorded
for separate authorities.
Receive Deposits
Customer credits can be
used as invoice payments.
Receive Payment
Invoice payments are
received from customers.
Maintain Tax Rates
Sales tax can be viewed,
edited, deleted and reset.
Sales Reports
Customer, A/R and sales tax
reports are located here.
Maintain Payments
Payments can be viewed
and deleted.
Create Delivery Route
Delivery Routes must
be created.
Product Serial No.
Enter Sales Orders
Serial Numbers here.
Archive Sales Orders
Archived Sales Orders
Maintain Delivery Routes
You can change customer's route,
or add customers to routes.
Print Customer List
Print a list of Customer's ID,
names, address, and phone.
Maintain  Archive
Restore or Delete
Archived Sales Orders here.