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Simcom Introduces WebSBA Plus

UPLAND, CA, Nove 04, 2002 - Simplified Computer Systems & Training (Simcom) today introduced the latest of its WebSBA products, WebSBA Plus. While the original WebSBA.com is a Web-based service, WebSBA Plus is a traditional Windows application.

"During the development of WebSBA.com, we realized the need for a product to compliment our existing services," explained Simcom President, Harry Panagiot. "WebSBA Plus does just this by building on and exceeding the capabilities of WebSBA.com."

Key to WebSBA Plus are its Point of Sale (POS) and e-commerce features. Food-service establishments can now take advantage of a solution that integrates both POS and accounting functions, while retail businesses can use the included Web store software to tie their e-commerce sales directly into the accounting system.

Since 1986, Simcom has been providing quality information technology sales, service, training and support from the same location and under the same name.


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